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Republic City Oh Yun-Hee by RiaInks Republic City Oh Yun-Hee by RiaInks
Name: Oh Yun-Hee

Age: 21

Nationality: Earth Kingdom

Affinity: Earth

Fixing things- Yun-Hee has a knack for putting things back together again, from toys to engines. As long as she has a blueprint, if it's too complex, she'll be more than happy to spend some time in a heaped up pile of metal.

Quick footed- She's light on her feet and quite speedy. It was one of the only things she really had up on her siblings growing up so she was sure to develop it. Yun-Hee is rather good at kicking, now, though she has no formal practice.

Playing the sanjo- Playing the sanjo is just a thing she learned to do when she was young. She didn't particularly grow to love it till she was in her teens and in need of calm and something to do with her fingers.

Personality: Yun-Hee is a hard-working girl. If she's not whipping around the city delivering letters, she makes sure her hands are busy in some manner. And so she has projects she's constantly working on, such as her old vehicle that she'll fix only to break and improve again. She'll often forget herself and people around her and work well into the night and into the mornings if she's not careful.

When she's not working, she'll be drinking tea or drinking in a pub. She works hard at relaxing too, so when she's on her downtime (especially when drunk) you better be sure that she'll only stop being lazy when she darn well feels like it. Lately she's been feeling she needs to become more disciplined, though, and drink isn't a huge help (As, when she drinks, she has a tendency to fight and do all kinds of unacceptable behaviors that she won't remember in the morning). She hasn't accepted she has a minor drinking problem yet, but she's already working on the solution to the problem she doesn't admit to having.

RP sample:
Eyelids trembled and flinched slightly under the sudden glaring light coming from the window across her small room. "Oh... crap..." Yun-Hee rolled over, blankets knotting up around her. 'I really need to fix that shutter...' She smushed the pillow to her face before springing up. No use in trying to sleep once she'd woke, and she knew that much from experience.
She swung her legs over the side of the bed, toes bumping something on the floor. It made a soft scraping noise as it moved and when she looked down she saw it was a little step stool. The first thing she did, out of habit, was look up at the one lone window that she knew was shut. She squinted over at her door. Shut and locked too.
She'd never figured out in all these months since moving out, how it was her eldest giant brother managed to sneak in and out of her room at nights and leave a step stool out for her. At first she took it in good humor, not one unable to laugh at herself. Yun-Hee was a shortie, let's all larf. But now it was getting old. 'From below..?' She twisted her body and checked under her bed in an insane moment of thinking there was a trap door. No. Just more stools. She scooted new stool under the bed to join it's abandoned brethren, as she was too tired to deal with something like this in the mornings.

The young woman righted herself and slipped off the bed, padding to the small sink she had in the corner of her room. Today she'd maybe get her brother a prank book while she ran errands. Hopefully he'd learn a new trick because she was running out of space under there. Really anything would do...

Additional Info:
-Youngest and only daughter with two big earth bender brothers (36y/o and 39y/o)
-Loves to work with metal
-Loves to drive cars, but she only owns one and it's mostly broken
-She's 5'4 and hates it for the teasing her eldest brother gives her (who is huge)
-She loves to drink alcohol, but she's been trying to not do that anymore. So she's been a big tea drinker of late.
-Moved to republic city when she was four
-Her family was rich, but they aren't so much anymore
-Currently works as a messenger girl

And randomly....

Her eldest brother (and a little chibi of the middle brother)

He was my other choice o3o;;...
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camicuti97 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she's gorgeous AND looks like she can kick butt<3 8D
Niladhevan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! She's so beautiful ! :iconikissitplz:
RiaInks Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Thank you :iconlazyshyplz:~<3
PhyscoBallerina Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL glaklgfla;g I love how the simplicity of her just, it just is perfect ;A;
RiaInks Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
;3; Aaaah, thank you~<33
4907 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Student
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RiaInks Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
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